Titan Crew Report

Titan Crew Report - Released May 2nd 2022

Faculty Action Teams were created this year by our Principal's Office to investigate problems that students, parents, and faculty have brought to the Principal's attention.

The Titan Crew Action Team's job was to investigate the effectiveness of the Titan Crew program, as well as any improvements that could be made. We used data that IMSA had gathered the previous year as well as surveys that we created for students and faculty. We created a report (attached below) that was passed on to the Principal's office and was supposed to be discussed with the Cabinet.

Our report did not find the conclusions that our Principal's Office was hoping for. Our recommendations include stopping Titan Crew, giving more time back to classes, and allowing students to study and get help during their free time. Titan Crew filled a purpose while we were all remote. Now that we're all on campus, we believe that Titan Crew is redundant with the current Student Life programs. Our meeting with the Cabinet was cancelled and has yet to be rescheduled.

Titan Crew Action Team


Tom Meyer

Faculty, Computer Science

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

1500 Sullivan Rd

Aurora, IL 60506


Titan Crew Action Team Report for 3-9-22 (1).docx