The B Wing classrooms will be open on Sunday, 12/10 from 10a-2p for students to prepare for final exams and work on end of semester projects. 

When: Sunday, 12/10 from 10am-2pm

Where: The B Wing Classrooms and Library

Peer tutors will be on hand.

***The Academic Support Team and PAC will provide PIZZAS***

Here is the donation link to help the committee provide pizza for the study hall.

Zelle donations can be sent to

Academic Chairs meet with Principal to discuss topics related to academics.

Committee facilitates regular meetings with parents and guardians. 

Academic Committee meetings are listed on the calendar below.  

Click on event details for time and link to join meeting.

Academic Support Service    College & Academic Counselling (CAC)   Student Inquiry & Research (SIR)

Calendar of events

Academic support information

Contact: Amy Keck

Learning Strategies Coordinator

Room number: A109


Academic support for students by overseeing individual and group interventions.

IMSA Academic Program supports our students in many ways including;

Tutoring programs

For more information,  Click this link:  Academic Support Services

The Writing Center

Education plans

Support plan created for identified students needing additional assistance in and/or outside of the classroom. Refer to the Student Handbook for more information.

Dr. Linda Hefferin, Academic Support Specialist

Room Number: A111B 630-907-5677 |


Faculty hours and offices vary per individual. Please reach out to specific faculty to schedule a time to meet. Support from faculty in a specific class is not inclusive to only the instructor teaching the class. Students are welcome and encouraged to seek support from other faculty in the department, as well.

Grade Calculation

Students should refer to the class syllabus regarding point value of the various assessments, including but not limited to homework, exams, quizzes, and essays. Teachers determine grades by total points or weighted categories.

Residence counselors (RCs)

Residential support and resource for students.

Peer Tutor Liaisons

RC’s who manage peer tutors within each hall. Students should first seek out their RC for the schedule and availability of resident hall peer tutors. If additional support is needed, students should meet with the Peer Tutor Liaison in their building.

Academic Advocate

Assigned IMSA faculty or staff to offer additional support for identified students to succeed academically and emotionally. Advocates can be assigned to any student anytime throughout the school year.

Counseling Services

The focus of the counselors is to address the psychological and social needs of our students within the context of research and experience from the field of gifted education. We are committed to the students’ personal, social, and intellectual growth, as well as their adjustment to and engagement with the IMSA community. Students are assisted with identifying and working through personal barriers, normal developmental issues, and stressors, and clinical problems, which could impede academic success.

Library – Information Resource Center (IRC)

              Research, Citing, Sources & Technology Support

Health Services/Nurse

The IMSA Student Health Care Services Office provides health assessment and treatment for illness/injury, first aid, health counseling, administration of medication as prescribed by a physician, and other appropriate therapeutic interventions.

For more information and contacts, click this link: Academic Support Services 

 College and Academic Counseling

College Planning Information

Academic and College Admissions Webinars

College Financial Aid Webinars

SAT and ACT Test Information

SAT Test Dates and Registration Information: To access SAT practice tests, register,

and view registration deadlines, please visit

ACT Test Dates and Registration Information: To register and view registration

deadlines, please visit

If you have any questions, see your assigned CAC.

To learn more the college planning process at IMSA, please visit

 College and Academic Counselling (CAC) website

Questions?  Contact the Academic Committee