Donate to the IMSA PAC

The IMSA PAC is run by volunteers who support IMSA students and their families through various programs, events and activities. 

Parents have an option to send cash via Paypal or Zelle directly to the PAC to help fund specific events that the PAC supports each year. 

If the donation amount is under $250 for a single donation, then a bank receipt or email confirmation is sufficient for tax purposes.

Donors giving more than $250 in a single contribution to a tax-exempt nonprofit organization need a written acknowledgment from the organization to claim that deduction on their individual income tax return. 

If you are giving more than $250, please donate funds to The IMSA Fund for Advancement.   The IMSA FUND will earmark your funds for the IMSA PAC and issues the donor the tax exempt letter. 

Please send an email to after making a donation of $250 or more to let us know so we can follow up with the IMSA FUND to transfer funds to the PAC. 

Corporate or employee matching funds will be managed by the IMSA FUND.  See below on how to donate to the IMSA Parents Association Council via the IMSA Unrestricted FUND. 

Make sure to indicate "IMSA PAC General Fund" under the "Designation" section

Make sure to indicate the committee or initiative under the "Designation" section

Technology Toolkit Gifts to IMSA

Help donate technology toolkits to IMSA. The PAC is donating $1,200 worth of equipment. You can add to it by either:

OCM Program

Shop for your student's bedding, bath and other supplies through OCM and a portion of your purchases will be donated to the PAC.

Restaurant Days

We are happy to partner with local restaurants in the Aurora area that donate a portion of proceeds to the PAC.  Please contact to make arrangements. 

Questions?  Contact the PAC