Showcase: Asante! 

Translating to gratitude in Swahili, the Black Student Union’s Culture Show this year will carry the theme of Connecting to our Roots and showing appreciation for where we come from. 

PAC will be supporting the reception after the Student Show.  To donate food, drinks, or funds to support our efforts, please click on links below:

Donate food: Click here 

Meal Content form: Click HERE

Donate funds: Click HERE

Volunteer positions: Click HERE

IMSA parents donate food or funds that help celebrate the scheduled cultural event for STUDENTS on campus.

2023-2024 EVENTS:

September 29-30 Jalsa (Diwali)

November 10-11 Case de Alma

January 26-27 Lunar New Year

April 19-20 BSU Asante

The Multicultural Committee will ask for parent help to provide food for sampling and enlist servers for the reception after the student show. 

Donations of themed food should ideally contain 30 or more portions.

Typically, food donation are dropped off at 5:00 pm at the Circle Drive on Friday.  

Student organizers will be available to pick up food for safe keeping until served.

The student performance is usually held on Friday, with themed food served to STUDENTS after the show. 

Parents typically are welcome to attend an encore performance on Saturday.   Tickets are available for sale at the door. 

Questions?  Contact the Multicultural Committee