Please sign up below to donate food for the Asian and Latino Cultural Shows that will be held on Friday, Feb 3rd (for Students)

If you live too far from IMSA, and can not Donate food, you can donate money directly. Please donate money at:

Donation button

Some things to keep in mind:

We will be feeding 400+ students at this event, so food donations should ideally contain 30 or more portions.

Please access this sign-up on a computer or laptop if at all possible.

Food donation will need to be dropped off between 3:30 pm-5:00 pm at the Circle Drive. Students will be available to pick up food.

The student show will be Friday, February 3rd with the food being served after the show.

The Parent show will be Saturday, Feb 4th; Time: TBD

PLEASE NOTE: You must hit SUBMIT & SIGN UP at the bottom of the page in order for your donation to be registered.

Questions? Contact the Multicultural Committee